What’s everyone’s favourite food, drink, and form of entertainment? Also favourite enemy to fight and favourite gun? Sorry for the massive question (lot of people, lot of things…)

LOL! Okay, may not do -everyone- but let’s see…

Killy: Food/drink would be pad thai, extra spicy, and the blackest coffee he can find. Favorite enemy to fight is his pillow before bedtime LOL. Sunshot or Bygones for his favorite weapon.

Echo: She loves sweet things, so most any sugary junk food counts, and energy drinks. Favorite enemies are anything that can cause a big explosion and favorite gun is Thunderlord. (I’m sure you can see where that gets her!)

Gideon: Probably some heavy comfort food like beef stew or cottage pie. Favorite drink is green tea. He has no favorite enemy to fight as he’d rather find non-violent resolutions, weapon probably Darci.

Stoom finds this survey annoying and a waste of her time, but if you happen to know where her Bad JuJu disappeared to after the Red War please report to her immediately.

Skitty loves sushi, lemonade and fighting Cabal. She prefers chucking grenades over guns. XD