A story based off last nights chaos.

Lunar took the temporary spray dye and quietly snuck up on a sleeping Killy in front of her. As she quietly approached she took the red and blue dye and sprayed a color on each of the sides of his head. Unfortunately the can was somewhat defective leaving a stained trail on her gauntlets. She took a moment to appreciate her work, grinning she crouched down and begun to make her quiet escape. Lunar slowly reached the door when Jarivis and Shadow both seen her. Lunar attempted to tell them to stay quiet but to no avail.

“LUNAR! WHAT YOU DOING?!” Shadow yelled.

“Looks like something sneaky.” Jarvis chimed in.

Just then Killy woke up and looked at the three of them.

“What are you guys up to?!”

Lunar dropped both cans of dye and put her stained hands up.

“I didn’t dye your hair I swear!” Lunar lied.

Shadow chuckled.

“Nice one Lunar no one will suspect you.”

Jarvis cracked a smile.

“She’s been caught RED handed.”

Killy looked at their reflection and noticed the dye.

“What did you do!?”

Lunar jumped up and took off running and yelled.

“See you later Collgate!”

“Lunar get back here!”

They all watched as she tripped and fell off the tower. Throwing a peace sign as she fell.

((Lmao sorry if its alittle wonky I wrote it last night before passing out lmao. The joke being that Shadow and I kept calling Killys hair toothpaste after Jarivs was talking about his hair lmao.))

Featuring @shadowlinkxvio OC Shadow (aka The Bully), @newbabyfly OC Killy (Aka Old man Hunter), and @destiny-imagine OC Jarvis (aka Big Booty poppin)

PBBBBBBBBTTTTT~! Oh you dun messed up his hair, that’s a big No-No! XD

(I colored the dye wrong but not fixing it now lol.)