When she walked into the main Tower area, Ralia was greeted with a really… really weird sight. There was a procession of Guardians, mostly female, chanting slogans. The main one she could hear was “Free the titty! Free the titty!”

That would explain why most of them were shirtless.

And wielding banners.

Ralia glanced at Liran, who was by her side, and even though she couldn’t see her Warlock’s face she knew that they were both wearing equally confused expressions.

“Want to go figure out what’s going on?”

At Liran’s answering shrug, she walked over to an Exo woman leading the parade.

“Excuse me. We were wondering what this is?”

“I mean, it’s kind of what it looks like. We’re sick of having to wear shirts all the time, when we see male guardians shirtless. Wanna join?”

“Fair.” She stood for a couple of seconds, thinking it over. “Hell yeah, I’m in. Liran?”

Liran’s only answer was to stare at her.

“Right. Wanna join in spirit but not in practice?”

A nod.

“Great. I’m Ralia. What about you?”

“Echo-9! You’re that bigshot one that Zavala’s always on about, huh?”

“No- well- technically yes but I don’t… like the attention really. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and everything escalated.” While Echo was mulling her words over, she transmatted her chest armour off and adjusted her cloak to fall a bit more flatteringly. She hooked her arm through Liran’s and headed off into the crowd.

Why not look good while in a protest?


I got @newbabyfly ‘s permission to feature her Guardian(s) in stories, so I got inspired to write a small anecdote about Echo’s #freethetitty campaign

And the revolution continues to grow!! ?

This is excellent, thanks so much! 😀