Trying to draw Sid quite obviously judging your ignorance and his stupid legs will not behave.

It’s also occurred to me that he probably has absolutely horrible fashion sense. His previous programming dictated that he adopt whatever corporate attire was acceptable by his parent company, but as he’s been basically jailbroken from that protocol he can wear whatever he wants. But Sly sure as shit doesn’t know enough about fashion to program him to put together a decent outfit!

I need you guys to send me some horrible outfits to put him in. XD


Day 21: The Demi-God

There’s one nuclear reactor still in operation, but no one dares go near it. Everyone knows the androids own it. But what they don’t know is the pre-war AI built to supervise and manage them is also still in operation. He makes sure they aggressively protect and maintain the reactor to ensure his survival. If the people knew they could shut all the androids down for good by shutting him off, well.. things would be a lot different.

(Messy as sin. And Haha, sneaked S.I.D. in here!)