1,000 Followers Art Giveaway!

Looks like it’s that time again, so finally getting around to doing this. Thanks so much everyone! (Yes, reusing the same image as last time, still like it lol.)

Anyway, some RULES:

  • Reblog to enter. (One reblog per account please.)
  • MUST be following me. (New followers welcome!)
  • No Giveaway blogs

First Prize: One full-body colored sketch of one character

Second Prize: Half-body colored sketch of one character

Third Prize: Bust/Headshot colored sketch of one character

Must be able to provide visual references, ocs and fanart welcome. (Please see my Commission page for what I will/will not do.)

Winners will be chosen randomly. If winners do not respond within 48 hours, I will randomly select a new one for that prize.

Giveaway will end on March 14th, 2019

Thanks so much again! 😀


500+ Followers Art Giveaway!


  1. Must follow me (new followers ok!)
  2. Reblog to enter! (One entry per blog/person please)
  3. No Giveaway blogs
  4. Ends on September 10th, 2018! Winners will be randomly selected next day.


  • First Prize: 1 full body, fully colored piece with simple/abstract background. (2 characters max)
  • Second Prize: 1 half-body, fully colored piece with simple/flat background (1 character)
  • Third Prize: 1 bust/head shot with flat background (1 character)

What I will draw:

Original characters, fanart from any series (must be able to provide references on request), mild nudity, pinups, blood, mostly humanoid characters, ships of any orientation/gender identity.

I will not draw:

Gore, NSFW content, incest or pedophilia, mecha, or furries/anthros (I’m just really not good at those last two, sorry!) I reserve the right to refuse your first suggestion if it’s something I’m not comfortable with drawing.

Thanks so much for all the support!!