Pinup drawing thought process:

– Stick your chest out more. I said MORE, dammit!

– Needs more emphasis on that booty

– fuck leg positioning omg

– fuck feet even more arrrrrgh

– wtf are folds, I forget how to draw them??

– wow, this is probably really uncomfortable posing like that

– but you gonna look HAWT, boy.

Whoever I’m drawing:

– FFFUuuuuuuuuUuuck, are you DONE YET??

I have a page inked. Two more sketched. Gawd, you stupid backgrounds. And shading. Stupid shading. Maybe I’ll try color. I dunno, that usually makes it take longer.

I am still highly tempted just to blab about something important to the comic cause I really really want to, but I’ll take a bit to get to that in the actual comic. Not that long story wise, but I’ll be ages in actually doing it. But I wanna spill iiiiiit!