Pfffffft, this is probably one of the more random asks I’ve been sent! XDD

Though I find it hard to believe that Mac cheese does not exist in the city, and with Killy having lived there his entire guardianhood would also know about it! Pharri though.. reefborn non-guardian? I can easily imagine it not being a thing there! 😁

(Also go easy on Killy, he only knows how to cook like… Three things!)

Introducing Skitty, the newest kindernerd! A few months back, my kiddo started her own character on Destiny and I’ve been planning to include her hunter since that day! She finds the combat pretty challenging (It’s the first fps she’s tried!) but she loves playing around the Farm. This comic made with her input. 😀

Also Killy had a particular soft spot for baby hunters. And he’s starting to make a habit out of adopting them *cough @pterodactylarms Cassidy*

Feel free to ask about Skitty, but keep it appropriate for an 8 year old. ~_^