-A Destiny Fashion Fanzine-

I’m starting a Destiny Fashion Fanzine and I’m looking for 15 artists to draw either their favorite character(s) or their guardian ocs in casual or fancy attire and 5 writers to write gossip articles, interviews, top 10 lists, etc.

The admission deadline is March 31st, 2019 11:59PM PST

DM me with some of your work if you’re interested in contributing.


The pink panther theme plays as Rhea sneaks a hot pink sock into Killy’s laundry as they wash. She smirks then walks off and says to herself, “let the Hunter prank war commence.”

Oh dear! XD

(Trying to keep up with asks, but also working hard on the next comic, so patience please!) 🙂


After a bit of slacking, finished one side of the Allegiance quest, as well as the Xur bounty. No spoilers, though I think for the last bit before reporting back is 95% the same regardless of which side you choose.

And I do gotta say though… Very interesting developments. Need to process a little more on it. (But think I won’t need to change much of the comic outside of maybe the dialogue a bit!)


Do any of the Gaurdians suffer from PTSD?

I’m not sure if I would fully call it PTSD, but there’s definitely a few events that haunt Killy pretty badly about the Red War and Forsaken though he tries his hardest to not let anyone see it. Plenty of nightmares.

Stoom also has a number of her own issues revolving around her first rez and reboots, which she also refuses to discuss to anyone, Killy Included. Echo remains terrified of her dreams at the Deep Stone Crypt, and Gideon… probably has the fewest issues out of all of them!