Gideon #11 and Stoom/Killy #2?

11: Gideon’s dabbled in a number of things! He tried the knitting but didn’t care for it too much. Lately he’s been liking drawing/painting though he doesn’t think he’s much good at it. But the process of it he finds very relaxing. 🙂

2: They argue about dinner, veg out to the TV, sometimes play games. Killy’s partial to reading comics, Stoom likes puzzle solving stuff like Sudoku or crosswords.


Is Uldren one of the KinderNerds now? That means Echo and Gideon now’ve got a hunter to round out the fireteam.

Oh man! That remains to be seen until we’ve got more information. He’ll certainly be showing up one way or another but going to have to wait to see how!

(Also technically there is another Hunter I will be joining the crew, I just haven’t gotten to that yet!) >D


which kindernerd would likely play music very loud at 2 – 3 AM?

Absolutely Echo, especially with her distaste for sleeping. Killy would be second in the list, lol.

You know, I actually hadn’t thought of this yet! She certainly doesn’t remember, both from the reboots and the revive but I may have to figure this out and draw this soon. 😀