Datapool: Part 1  | Part  2

Ya’ll read for some old ass shit from me? Too bad here, you go.

SO this is an old comic I was working on maybe 10 years ago. It was an experimental thing, really wanted to use an atypical comic layout, and excessively abused textures, overlays and heavily manipulated photo-collage methods to get a gritty vibe. Still love the story concepts. Still fricking love Eva and Null. This project might not ever get picked up again, but wanted to put it back to life somewhere on the web so here you go!

Part 2 incoming. I got to page 14 before the epic art slump of a near decade hit.


S: You are embarrassingly sappy.

J: You love it.


Jericho with your pick-me-up for the day. A fluffier follow-up of sorts to this comic. You’re wrecking his stoic tough guy act, man.

Edit to add some things on a more serious note. TW for suicide mentions. Read below:

1 in 10 schizophrenics succeed in committing suicide. They have a far higher rates for suicide attempts than the general population. This is a statistic I have personally have dealt with the aftermath of. While I’ve felt a little nervous about writing a schizophrenic character, I feel it’s important to do so. And I really hope this little comic might help a little bit for anyone else who feels like Sly does.