What is your ghost like? and Where is your favourite place to go?

I’ll answer this for Killy since he’s my main. 😀

Nihei is a lot more practical and level headed than he is. She’s well aware that he often lets his emotions get the best of him and and such tries her best to keep him on level ground. (Though despite this, she’s got her own trigger points that will set her off in a rage too!) 😆 Other than that, she’s pretty laid back and really enjoys quality time with the crew whenever things aren’t blowing up around them. 🙂

His current favorite place to go is the Dreaming City, because he can run patrols and missions with Pharri. Though it is still a bittersweet place for him to go considering the curse is still lingering there.


Hmm….will i die for killy?? Mayhaps…….

Oh please don’t do that. Nihei can be very overworked keeping him rezzed and… Oh wait, go ahead, she could use the break! (So long as your ghost is nearby anyway.) XD


I’m crying cause now I’m imaging pharri tryin to tell killy about his old life and him just. Breaking out into dance cause that’s a canon guardian thing

DFGJLFDZJGIOSDFJO OK THANK YOU now you’re crying, I’m crying everyone is crying!

That’s it, there’s Part 3, story arc over, everyone go home now. XDDDD