Takashi: *to Gideon* I was lucky enough to be ressurected in my family’s tomb but how did you get your name?

Oh, definitely a lucky break for him!

Gideon wasn’t that lucky- he remembers almost nothing, but he was rezzed in some sort of uninform shirt that had that (barely legible) name on it. He doesn’t know if it was his first or last name but he figured it doesn’t matter much because either way it had to be his. :3


All the bbys #15

Okay, just doing the main fireteam here cause otherwise this will take all night. XDD

In terms of gender constructs in the Destiny universe- There’s so many heroes and big-name guardians of all sorts and even probably as a lingering effect of the Golden Age, I totally headcannon that no one really puts much division into to what’s considered feminine or masculine. There’s just traits that can be present in anyone regardless of gender, and that extends to how they present/define their gender. (And yes, this is probably because this is how I’d love to see reality be more like that, where anyone can explore and figure out how to best define themselves free from any stigma or repression.)

In terms of beauty standards, Killy and Echo are absolutely on the vain side and do place a degree of importance on looking fiiiiiiine. Gideon just cares about looking respectable, and Stoom thinks it’s all  a big fat waste of time. Skitty  thinks everything looks better with glitter lol.

Sly: Whatever’s easiest to shove in his face, if he eats it at all! (Really, without Jericho he’d probably never eat a proper meal.) Keepsake: An old pair of plastic sunglasses Jericho gave him waaaaay before they became an item. They’re beat up and unusable, but he held onto them anyway.

Jericho: French toast, with extra syrup. Keepsake: An old stethoscope his father gave him as a kid after deciding to be a doctor.

Sam: Ridiculously over-sugared kids cereals, lol. Keepsake: Dang, this is hard. They didn’t have much growing up, let alone much they got to hold onto. Sly once tried (badly) to make him a toy soldier from a wooden block, but it eventually got lost in the shuffle between homes. 🙁

Kit: Coffee. Black. An entire pot. Keepsake: She’s got a necklace she keeps as one of the first things she ever bought with her own earned money. She tends to value independance and her own achievements over most other things.

Quay: Eggs and bacon. Keepsake: Lol, he has extremely little sentimentality towards well… Anything. It’d probably be some sort of ‘trophy’ taken off someone he’s crushed.


12: What do they do when they are nervous? 2. Do they snore at all? (For all of your babies)

Oh lord, you underestimate how many I have! There’s quite a few who don’t get much screen time from me, so I’ll just go over the highlights. Putting it under a cut since it’ll get looong.

———- Destiny Kids:

Killy: He’ll stutter a bit or just completely fail at making complete sentences. Absolutely snores, like a truck.

Echo:  Opposite of Killy, she’s just keep talking more and faster until someone interrupts. And no, since Exos technically don’t even need to breathe and she has no nose, so you’re safe there!

Gideon: He would blush furiously, and spout off facts related to the situation is. Snores occasionally, usually lightly.

———- Schism Crew:

Sly: His basic everyday state is one of mild/general unease, so you wouldn’t notice much difference at all, but he’d get quieter than usual. Lightly snores.

Jericho: Lots of fidgeting with his hands, but otherwise remains mostly calm and plays it off well. Rarely snores but talks in his sleep.

Sam: Jokes. Say something ridiculous. MORE JOKES. Play it off with humor and deflect!! Loud snoring.

Kit: Gets progressively more confrontational/aggressive relative to her state of unease. Light snoring.

Quay: Much more likely to make others nervous. Prides himself on putting people in  state of unease, as such he rarely feels nervous himself.  Definitely snores.



Null: As he has a severe anxiety disorder, it’ll be much more surprising to see him NOT nervous! No snoring.

Richter: Slight blushing, but otherwise great at maintaining a calm outward appearance. Mild snoring.

Evlyn: Immediately begins mentally calculating risk, escape routes, possible solutions towards removing the source of nervousness. Very light snoring.


16: How do they react to a dangerous situation? Fight or Flight? Schism Crew

Sly would absolutely fight, especially as he usually has some sort of weapon on him at all times (gun, taser, knife, whatever.)

Jericho and Sam would much rather find a way to get to safety first, only fighting as a last resort.

Kit would fight, but only long enough to make a break for it.

Quay would laugh about the situation and probably have it completely under his control and the other person regretting their actions incredibly quickly, lol.

(You can see character sheets for the Schism Cast here, btw!)