What’s up my name’s Tara and I never fuckin learned how to draw dudes.

School is boring af and I had just gone through @newbabyfly ‘s art tag so I doodled a dad.

Anyway go follow them for the good good OCs and not shitty art

OH MY GOD SHUT UP THIS IS ADORABLE!! Thank you so much for doodling this nerd, that’s so sweet of you!! ♥️



Preparing for Inktober 2017?

I am too! And to get inspired, I have put together 8x Inktober prompt lists, to help us create something really cohesive and cool this October

Prompt lists:

– Post Apocalyptic Wanderers

– Anthropomorphic People

– A Steampunk Adventure

– Space Travellers

– Super People

– Characters for a fairytale

– Characters for an urban fantasy

– Characters of the Forest

Enjoy and share!