Quay #1 & #12? :3

1: Oof! Had to think about this one because there’s very little he gets embarrassed over! In his narcissim, he has no issues owning up to what he likes and will argue anyone down if they find it less than appealing regardless to what it is. His opinion is the only one that matters. XD;

2: Boredom. An eternity stuck in an empty room, alone with absolutely nothing to occupy his time or thoughts. The biggest motivator for him in life is whatever interests the most right then and there, making him very unpredictable.

Orange is occasionally acceptable, so long as it’s mostly hidden underneath the top layer and stolen from Jericho’s closet, lol.

I really wanna do more comics with the boys, but for some reason it’s.. so much harder coming up with little story shorts?? When it’s my own thing?? -_- I suppose it doesn’t help that most their comic shorts are also outside/borderline au for the main comic story.