Waht does killy’s daughter have to say about stoom? Have they met?

I am working on a comic in which she gets introduced to the crew, as well as some of her thoughts on guardians. I’ve got a few things for Crimson days planned so it will likely be after that. πŸ™‚

Pharri does struggle some with understanding guardians and Earth culture, but she sees the strong bond they have and she’s grateful for it- both in that Killy’s second life is a full one, and that someone’s always there to have his back. πŸ™‚

Pfffffft, this is probably one of the more random asks I’ve been sent! XDD

Though I find it hard to believe that Mac cheese does not exist in the city, and with Killy having lived there his entire guardianhood would also know about it! Pharri though.. reefborn non-guardian? I can easily imagine it not being a thing there! 😁

(Also go easy on Killy, he only knows how to cook like… Three things!)


I’m guessing Pharri has a new sister now? πŸ˜› Killy: Pharri! Good news! I found this Guardian out, she’s your new sister!


But yes, as far as Killy’s concerned. XD

Coming soon will be Pharri getting a proper introduction to everyone!


Welcome Home: Part 3

See Destiny Masterpost linked at the top
of my blog or comments from previous parts because Tumblr is stupid about links.

And it’s finished! Finally! Don’t worry, there will be more of Pharri
and Killy in the future. Thanks for following along and for the
patience! πŸ˜€

(Bonus fact because I’m evil: You may remember Killy
was revived during the Taken King events. Aka, a hair’s breath too late
to meet his former wife.) >>