So more stoom is kileys wife now, how did he propose?


Lol, technically they’re not married, but they sure act like it and everyone else treats them as if they are! Honestly I can’t really imagine Stoom caring much about fancy romantic gestures and would probably find the whole idea of a wedding ceremony a big hassle. It’d be a two-second courthouse deal if they decided to do it. As it stands, they know where they are with each other and don’t need a legal document to validate it. 🙂

(Also, wife fit better into the comic format than girlfriend, so there’s that too.) 😆

On further thought: Here’s how the proposal would go:

K: Should we get hitched?

S: Why? What would change?

K: Nothing, probably. But… we’d get each other’s stuff if one of us DIE-dies….

S: ……………… Race you to the courthouse.

K: Oh, you are SO O- OWWW FUCK. No fair shooting me in the foot! YOU CAN’T GET MARRIED WITHOUT ME!


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