Is Uldren one of the KinderNerds now? That means Echo and Gideon now’ve got a hunter to round out the fireteam.

Oh man! That remains to be seen until we’ve got more information. He’ll certainly be showing up one way or another but going to have to wait to see how!

(Also technically there is another Hunter I will be joining the crew, I just haven’t gotten to that yet!) >D


Spoilers for Forsaken… My hunter Ymir, let Petra pull the trigger. Uldren’s state was enough, he would suffer more alive than dead. But Petra did it. Later, after self reflection Ymir hates herself for not being able to pull the trigger. It was weak of her not to take his life in exchange for Cayde’s. Her fireteam’s titan Mihovanna, agreed with Ymir being weak. The warlock, Lynn-3, disagrees. It would have taken more strength to let Uldren live. Your fireteam’s opinions?


It’s absolutely a hard choice, I think. 🙁 Killy feels weak for pulling the trigger, even more so for knowing he’d do it again. Echo would have absolutely not cared about killing him (Or deny any misgivings about it til the day she dies), Gideon definitely feels that it could have been resolved another way but did not push the issue beyond his initial reaction to it.

(This was I think another fact-swap ask, but I wanted to draw this out anyway!)