Do any of the Gaurdians suffer from PTSD?

I’m not sure if I would fully call it PTSD, but there’s definitely a few events that haunt Killy pretty badly about the Red War and Forsaken though he tries his hardest to not let anyone see it. Plenty of nightmares.

Stoom also has a number of her own issues revolving around her first rez and reboots, which she also refuses to discuss to anyone, Killy Included. Echo remains terrified of her dreams at the Deep Stone Crypt, and Gideon… probably has the fewest issues out of all of them!


Gideon #11 and Stoom/Killy #2?

11: Gideon’s dabbled in a number of things! He tried the knitting but didn’t care for it too much. Lately he’s been liking drawing/painting though he doesn’t think he’s much good at it. But the process of it he finds very relaxing. 🙂

2: They argue about dinner, veg out to the TV, sometimes play games. Killy’s partial to reading comics, Stoom likes puzzle solving stuff like Sudoku or crosswords.