Hey everyone! I’ve finally decided to get a Patreon set up, and it’s now live! There’s not a huge amount of unlockables at the moment, but I’ll be adding plenty in the next week or so! If you join and there’s a specific piece you’d like a high-res version of, just let me know! More pdf comic collections (For both Schism and Destiny) are also in the works.

Anyway, check it out here!


Thanks so much everyone! 😀

(New comics coming soon, still got a few commissions to work on!)

OC appreciation week

So I’ve had this idea forever now, and I’d like to see if it can actually get off the ground. Because let’s face it: unless you’ve got a large, solid fanbase (or make rountine blood sacrifices to the art gods) if you’re not drawing fanart your hard work and time spent developing those lovely original characters are getting little to zero attention.

Which suuuuuuuuccccks and can really drag an artist’s confidence and motivation into oblivion.

So let’s do something about that. An Oc Appreciation Week where those beautiful souls can get the love they deserve and support each other as fellow artist and original content creators. The main event would be an OC art exchange, either pair up with a friend or sign up to be assigned a partner to do an art trade with. And of course a new dedicated blog to showcase people’s OCs during the entire week.

I’m hoping there’s enough interest to get this going- hopefully make it a twice a year thing. I know I’d love to meet your people, as would many others out there which could easily be done with a little effort and lots of participation!

So reblog, spread the word and let’s get those neglected creations some of the attention they deserve please. I don’t wanna be listening to crickets alone in my little corner over here. XD