Work has been incredibly frustrating for the past two days and probably will remain so for a bit (company website got hacked to hell, HORRAY.) Soooo, I’m indulging myself in Schism AU concepts that may never get done but give me something nice to think about.

So concept!! Reincarnation/Sort-of soulmate AU: certain people come into the world as a matched set and marked as such, indicating that they will be reborn over and over again with the ultimate goal of finding their other half during each life. Should they manage to find each other, they’ll remember all their previous lives together, but if one dies those memories also disappear until both have died. Then it starts over again. Some basic appearances and personality traits would carry over to each life, but otherwise they could be anyone anywhere.

I’m just sitting here imagining all the potential tooth-rotting fluff and heart wrenching angst you could do with this. It’d be fun to do as a one-shot comic with Sly and Jericho at some point, hence just writing it down as something for the far-off future!

Just some slightly random thinking out loud: this year, I definitely want to get more work/time put into Schism. I had like.. four it fine pages done a while back that I published, but it’s been long enough and my style has grown enough that I think I want to redo them. So that’s something I’m going to start working on soon, plus hopefully get more pages done after where I left off.

Ideally, if I can like… Actually show some self restraint, I can get enough pages done and maybe start updating weekly or bi-weekly again and have enough of a buffer that I’m not too stressed out in getting the next update done on time.

Soooo.. we’ll see how this goes!


After a bit of slacking, finished one side of the Allegiance quest, as well as the Xur bounty. No spoilers, though I think for the last bit before reporting back is 95% the same regardless of which side you choose.

And I do gotta say though… Very interesting developments. Need to process a little more on it. (But think I won’t need to change much of the comic outside of maybe the dialogue a bit!)

Hrrrrgn, I really want to read the “For every rose a thorn” lore now, buuut I haven’t actually unlocked it yet. I’m assuming you gain it as you work on Thorn which is going to take me a while. (I’m finally just now on the last part of getting Last Word, lol)

(man, Tumblr mobile is doing really weird things for me in formatting and not updating edited posts. Like i’m surprised by their shit at this point, lol.)