In conclusion: everyone is thirsty for your naked kindernerds

APPARENTLY! But hey, Tumblr users are rather fond of it’s adult content, so yeah, thanks again for murdering that, staff! 😛

………….. DAMMIT. You are completely right. However….

… Stoom wants absolutely nothing to do with this nonsense, so it’s gonna have to be Echo ass because she is very willing and her pinup is doomed to be nuked after the 17th, soooooo…. 😀


Will it Flag? Gideon Edition!

Last one and I think it’s out of my system. For now anyway. >3 Hope you all enjoyed this little series, now back to regularly scheduled guardian nonsense!

EDIT: Hmm.. it’s not showing as flagged in the score checker script, but also not showing in the search soooo…? Either way, I think Echo is a clear winner because boobs = HORRIBLY OBSCENE, how dare! 🙄

Edit 2: It did get flagged as explict, but upon a review request, this ass is still A-OK for Tumblr haha!


the state of flagging is so bad that people starts to make a game out of it for shit & giggles

Hahaha! It also helps that I just like… Really really really like drawing pinups too. And I haven’t done any in forever, so why not make a game out of it? Have some fun in light of a pretty shit situation.

And Tumblr intentionally hiding the warnings so people can easily see what’s getting flagged? Yeah, they know they’ve fucked up and are just trying to cover their asses.