December 13, 2018 →

Will it Flag? Edition Stoomdorm!

Stoom would also like to say kiss her ass, and she’ll break your arm if she doesn’t  like the way you’re looking at her.  (It’s also my husband’s birthday, so by extension hers too- Or Resurrection day, more appropriately?)

Also filling in for these two asks, and I’m really done now. :3

December 13, 2018 →

This. This is why I really hate Instagram sometimes. This is what happens when you don’t allow reblogs/tweets/sharing, you get a culture of rampant reposting and think saying “Not mine” or “Credit to artist” is enough. And as I said to her, I probably would have said yes if they’d asked first.

Reposting art without permission or credit is Bad Ya’ll!

This has been your PSA for today. We don’t feel honored with uncredited reposts or low-quality copies of our work. Though most the people here understand that, thankfully! 🙂

December 12, 2018 →

This is for realz the last one, I’ve allowed myself to become distracted by these too much and I need to draw other things, hahahaha. X_x

December 12, 2018 →

(Two random things before bed: There will be one be last Will it Flag? pinup with Stoom as there was a reassement, lol.) Also:

Dang guys! I’ll do another art giveaway when I hit 1k! You people are awesome, thank you! 😀

December 11, 2018 →

So last night Dee and I drug @my-bright-legacy into a nightfall strike despite her being 30+ light levels under the recommendation, and I could not resist making this joke after. XDD

And she was super awesome about it and did great!! 😀
(We died plenty too, lol.)

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