Leigh Stein is a geek with a BFA. I draw stuff, design stuff, sew stuff, etc. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, sewing since around seven, website designing for about 18+ years.

Currently working on revamping the site, please be patient. Thanks!


Once upon a time, in my early college years I drew a web comic called Schism that ran for about 5-6 years with upwards of 8 chapters. The original story line was never finished as life happens, you get older and more mature and suddenly find that you’ve outgrown the story as you’d originally planned it. You’ll still see the characters kick around on this page as I still have a soft spot for them and enjoy drawing them in the re-designed (and renamed) forms. Will it ever come back? Maybe. Their story has grown up a lot with me and as such, if I ever get time it will be quite different from the original. But likely not anytime soon.