I don’t know if you’ve gotten this ask but how close were the gaurdians to the Speaker?

That I have not! Stoom knew him best, though I can’t say if she was particularly close to him? Killy also knew him, but not well as he actually felt very awkward taking to him most of the time.

Gideon, Echo and Skitty never got the chance to meet, being rezzed after the Red War was over.

Work has been incredibly frustrating for the past two days and probably will remain so for a bit (company website got hacked to hell, HORRAY.) Soooo, I’m indulging myself in Schism AU concepts that may never get done but give me something nice to think about.

So concept!! Reincarnation/Sort-of soulmate AU: certain people come into the world as a matched set and marked as such, indicating that they will be reborn over and over again with the ultimate goal of finding their other half during each life. Should they manage to find each other, they’ll remember all their previous lives together, but if one dies those memories also disappear until both have died. Then it starts over again. Some basic appearances and personality traits would carry over to each life, but otherwise they could be anyone anywhere.

I’m just sitting here imagining all the potential tooth-rotting fluff and heart wrenching angst you could do with this. It’d be fun to do as a one-shot comic with Sly and Jericho at some point, hence just writing it down as something for the far-off future!

I’m not allowed to level Gideon anymore in order to keep him in his punk/metal aethestic. Also I’m apparently 12. XD

(I will have new art soon, lots of things to get done!) *_*