Monthly Archives: April 2018

April 24, 2018 →

Tfw your murder husband pouts forever because you won’t fight him to the death. (Okay, I’m done now.)

April 23, 2018 →

Don’t mind me, just taking selfies with my murder husband. (I also wanted references so I can draw Nil later.)

April 23, 2018 →

ONE DAY… I will find the secret combination of messy/textural art and polished prettiness that I’ve been chasing my entire art career. Today is probably not that day, but my nerds came out pretty cute anyway. :3

April 21, 2018 →

@36playsgames I dunno how to put an image in replies, but Catbus from Totoro. Watch. It. It’s good for the soul!

April 20, 2018 →

OC appreciation week So I’ve had this idea forever now, and I’d like to see if it can actually get off the ground. Because let’s face it: unless you’ve got a large, solid fanbase (or make rountine blood sacrifices to the art gods) if you’re not drawing fanart your hard work and time spent developing […]