Monthly Archives: May 2018

May 29, 2018 →

Trying out Mastodon.Art- there if anyone else is on it. I mostly user Tumblr for posting/following artists anyway so nice to see something just for that which is not deviant art. 🙂

May 27, 2018 →

broke-my-crown: Someone told me he doesn’t look good in hoodies so my new hobby is drawing him being cute in hoodies

May 26, 2018 →

ivoryandsalt: ayyy, ya boy danno needs INSULIN so hit me up to get some art done!you can message me here if you want to – instead of email I can also do anthro a bit, but probably not mecha stuff. i do fanart on a case-by-case basis too

May 25, 2018 →

Here’s Jericho with your daily pick me up! (Sly tends to just non-emotionally accept it as ‘fact’ that he’s a hot mess and probably more bother than people want to deal with and thus needs reminding often.)

May 25, 2018 →

Trying to draw some more Sly/Jericho but they’re fighting me. Staaaaaaap. Behave.