Gideon #11 and Stoom/Killy #2?

11: Gideon’s dabbled in a number of things! He tried the knitting but didn’t care for it too much. Lately he’s been liking drawing/painting though he doesn’t think he’s much good at it. But the process of it he finds very relaxing. 🙂

2: They argue about dinner, veg out to the TV, sometimes play games. Killy’s partial to reading comics, Stoom likes puzzle solving stuff like Sudoku or crosswords.


1, 2, and 5 for Gideon!

I had to think entirely too long about these, LOL.

1: Guns ‘n Roses “November Rain” – I kept bouncing between cheesy hair metal  and ridiculously sappy love songs and this is a perfect compromise. XDD

2. He likes to meditate or do yoga. Being a guardian gets pretty chaotic (espeically with my crew), so when he’s alone he uses that time to re-center himself to keep his mindset in the right place.

5: Him being a big softie, he’d probably latch onto obscure and/or generally disliked Pokemon. “What are you talking about, this Trubbish is a fascinating species worthy of our time and attention!”


Quay #1 & #12? :3

1: Oof! Had to think about this one because there’s very little he gets embarrassed over! In his narcissim, he has no issues owning up to what he likes and will argue anyone down if they find it less than appealing regardless to what it is. His opinion is the only one that matters. XD;

2: Boredom. An eternity stuck in an empty room, alone with absolutely nothing to occupy his time or thoughts. The biggest motivator for him in life is whatever interests the most right then and there, making him very unpredictable.

OC Ask Meme /1


1) What is their one embarrassing secret favorite song?
2) What is one thing they do when they’re home alone?
3) Have they ever killed someone?
4) Describe their childhood in five words
5) What Pokemon would fit them as a partner the best?
6) Most traumatic experience?
7) Favorite smell?
8) Do they have any social media? What do they post there?
9) If they ever attended school, what were they like as a student?
10) Ever did any form of self harm?
11) Do they have a creative hobby?
12) How would they imagine hell if there was one?
13) How would they imagine heaven if there was one?
14) Where do they think would they go after their death, hell or heaven?
15) Thoughts on overweight, beauty standards and gender constructs?
16) Kinks, fetish, phantasies?
15) Songs that make them cry
16) Pet Peeves
17) Something they would never wear
18) Have they ever stalked someone?
19) Nightshower type or dayshower type?
20) How many stuffed animals do they own?

Hey hey, let’s do something fun because I could use the distraction. Asbox is back open, may sketch some answers if I have time!