Hi! How’s it going? Your last art with Nii from Saiyuki made me squeal in happiness that someone remembers Saiyuki! And you other arts are amazing! *_*

Awww, thank you! Kayuza Minekura was a fricking HUGE influence on my art
back in the day. Still love her- and Nii, still one of my favorite
characters ever! Glad you like my stuff! 😀

(Lol, didn’t wanna answer this without a quicky Nii sketch!) XD


hi! i used to read your schism web comic waaaaaaaay back when. do you still have an archive of the old one online somewhere or no? used to be one of my fav web comics ^^

Hey! Omg, I do love hearing from fans of the comic! I do have all the old chapters zipped and archived on my old desktop computer, but that hasn’t been hooked up since the recent move (and partially due to a bad cpu fan- hard drive is fine, but the other stuff not so much) so it’s not available online right now. I have had a number of people ask this though!

I do want to make the old chapters available for download in zip files sometime though. Additional problem in being that some pages were in flash animation format, so i’d need to covert them into static images, arrgh. But I will try to get this done sometime! Thanks for reading it too!

The artist downward spiral

*think you find a cool style/method*

Oooh great! Let’s do more like that!

Second piece: yep, this is great!

Third: Not my best, but still cool!

Fourth: Hmm, I guess so.

Fifth: Oh my God, this sucks I have no grasp of coloring or shading or anything, scrap it all and start from the beginning except pretend you know something about art this time, someone shoot me. *Dies in a corner"