Art Fight 2017!




Starting again on July 1st is my favorite online artist event: Art Fight! If you have OCs, and enjoy making and receiving art involving OCs, then I highly suggest you check out the site and set up an account! 

For those who aren’t familiar with Art Fight, here’s a brief overview:

Each year, participating artists are split into two teams. 

The main goal is to find any artist from the team opposite yours, and ‘attack’ them by drawing art of their ocs! Your team receives points based on what you create. 

Artists that receive attacks can then ‘counter’ by drawing an OC belonging to the person who fought them!

The official about page with more in depth information is located here!

Art Fight is a great chance to interact with tons of different artists, get to know the amazing OCs that others have created, and have a lot of fun making art! The art you receive is also very exciting; you never know who may attack you! 

The event lasts a month (July 1st – August 1st), and the team with the most points by the end wins!

My account can be found here, if anyone feels like attacking me! I hope to see you there!!

This is pretty cool!

AYYY y’all, I’m set up over ~HERE~

If you’re participating in art fight, let me know!!! I wanna follow y’all!!

Eff yeah, count me in! 😀 same username over there. :3