Bedtime negotiations in the Nazarene Household.

Fun fact time!

Terranova belongs to long-time friend of mine. At some point we decided it would be hilarious and fitting for Quay to be her father. So it was done! Quay isn’t… really suited for fatherhood, but he tries. She’s probably the only person he allows to have a place of importance in his life.

Quay has been married once. It ended so badly that after the divorce his wife didn’t tell him she was pregnant and had never planned to. He only found out 9 years later after her death with Nova showing up on his doorstep. His first action was to do a DNA test. Her first was to try and stab him.

They obviously have a complicated relationship. XD

Also, she can pick locks and they both know it.


Have a bunch of sketchy Quay expressions cause I need to work on drawing him more consistently. Like Sly, he’s not always very emotive, but unlike Sly, Quay purposefully keeps his expressions tightly controlled. If he is giving you a friendly smile, know it’s more than likely because he’s got a very specific purpose for doing so.