Schism, the original

So. Got a hard drive docking station. I can now get my old art off dead desktop. So sometime soon, as it’s been requested a number of times I’m going to zip up the chapters of the original Schism comic.

Some notes on this:

– They will be in folders with image files only, no pretty formatting

– there are some flash files. I’m going to convert them to movie files that are easier to play without a browser and I’ll have an image placeholder to alert you to open the video to proceed

– I am absolutely not rereading or editing anything, I’m not even sure I want to look at it more than I have to yet xD;

– I’m not going to put it back on the web outside of downloadable zip files

– there were a number of complaints years back about how I planned to change the comic/names/etc, if you were in that party, take this but leave me and my decisions about how I’ve revamped the comic in peace.I don’t want to hear any of that negativity again, especially now that I’m actually getting enough confidence to get it going again.