Hey fellow artists! I’ve been running this blog for a couple years, queuing references and lots more, and now I’d love to ask for your help. 

For two years, I’ve been working on raising the funds to get a service dog. There’s a perfect prospect puppy coming up for me in a few months, but that means I need about $3000 more asap! 

I really don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Especially since it’s been two long years of waiting already

I have PTSD, dissociative identity disorder and some mobility issues–a combination that’s very severe and disabling. These conditions stemmed from 15 years of violent and manipulative abuse.

Yesterday, I just had a hugely painful thing come up from my past that would have been much easier to handle with a service dog. And, the recovery work this now requires would be so much less frightening with a pup by my side.

I’ve made a lot out of my life since (like running a business to help other survivors of abuse!) but I still truly need this support. 

A service dog would help keep me safe during dissociative episodes, alert to anxiety, carry things when I can’t, and do around a dozen more life-changing tasks. This dog means independence for me. 

If you can donate, here’s my YouCaring link! You can also go to my Paypal here.

I know that not everyone can donate, so if you can’t, then please do take a second to share this. Someone with a kind heart who follows you may have a spare dollar or two to help. <3

Thank you so much. Truly, any support means the world. 

TL;DR: I’ve been running this help blog for a while and I’d love your help now, with getting a much needed service dog (due to PTSD and such from severe abuse). A prospect pup is available soon so I really need fundraising support now more than ever!