So my OC Hunter Caidance finally got Two-Tailed Fox. Problem is, she can’t lift it. She had to call her boyfriend, a Titan, to get it for her and he teased her endlessly for it.




Don’t feel bad, I didn’t show the aftermath of that comic. (Gideon apparently doesn’t realize he’s not the ‘norm’ for warlocks.) XD

“Damn Noodly hunters”

Quote of the year goes to Gideon

Hunters, according to Gideon:


You said Gideon is the best cuddler, but what if a stranger asked to hug him? :3

He’d be a little confused why a stranger wants a hug, but he wouldn’t say no! 🙂

If you guys are trying to get him to blush more, I approve and please carry on because that is totally my jam. 😀

Lol! Well, I suppose you could say all guns are ace, being guns and all! Except D.A.R.C.I. she’s gotta be a raging lesbian.