Something I struggled to say for a long time.

Many of my friends here and outside of my online life and in my Online life have been worried by my depression/upsetness. I’m finally here to tell you all why I shut everyone out.

So awhile back ago I met someone. (((I wont say were but it wasnt originally on Tumblr though they do have a tumblr)))

They seemed nice enough. Not to mention they liked the character I was Roleplaying as. As we continued talked I started noticing how they talked to me. Even though I had mentioned MULTIPLE times that I was uncomfortable with romantic/sexual Roleplay, they ALWAYS pushed for it. I explained I was uncomfortable with it and they turned it around on me. They said that me telling them I didn’t want to made them depressed and that they had already had a hard day with their family. They KEPT trying to guilt me into doing a sexual Roleplay with them. It got to a point where they were saying “Well you’re a guy. It shouldn’t be to hard to try.”. Once that happened I pushed them away. Started ignoring her, put up walls. But she always tried to contact me. If I was talking with people she knew, she’d realize I was there and come running into that chat. After multiple times telling her I DID NOT want to talk to them, they would NOT leave me alone.

I started to get anxiety attacks whenever I’d see thier name online. So I left that place, deleted my old tumblr, and just shut everyone out. Because who would believe a guy was being harrassed. But after I finally opened up to some old friends I decided to tell my story. This person will push you to do what she wants. Even if it isnt what you want. She only wants sexual Roleplays, she will try to control your character as well. On top of that most of the time we talked she had a habit of talking bad about MULTIPLE of her friends. When asked why do you stay friends with them then? She replied “Because they have alot of followers.” Or “They are are the leader.” Or “Well everyone else likes them.”

She will constantly use them, talk smack behind their backs, and laugh at thier faults. One of her friends she’d constantly talk about how they were always “Depressed” but had no right because thier family bought them EVERYTHING. She’d constantly tell me how her “friends” problems were bullshit because ect ect ect.

So I dont care how angry anyone gets at me! This person is toxic! And harassed me, and tried to force me to do sexual things in a Roleplay. And I wasnt the only one she did this too. I hope one of these days the others will get the courage to say something too.

This is her Tumblr:


Time for something a little serious. Signal boosting this because said person is very active in the Destiny community and I don’t want to see others subjected to harassment of any kind. I wish I could say this is the first time I’d heard about this sort of behavior from Wolfhero, but it’s not, she’s blocked, and I urge everyone to be cautious in how you interact with them.