Day 8 And Roller Derby!

Sly does Derby Okay, this one is a WIP. And I’m actually reeaaaallly excited about this one. I’m gonna finish it, all pretty and awesome. )but not today cause there’s dishes to wash and dinner to make, stupid adulting.) Day 8 is your oc playing a sport, so yes, Roller Derby, because that’s the only sport that matters. I had to look up references, but I haven’t been this excited about an art piece in forever, even if that blocker’s leg had to be redrawn 50,000 times. ART TIMEZ YEAH. That blocker will likely end up being Quay because appropriate. 🙂

Day 7? I Think?

Sleeping Blah on this one. Ok i guess. This is challenge is more about the doing than the result anyway for me. So sleepy Sly. He has a hard time getting to sleep, so usually when he does it’s on the couch or his head in the desk, ie more likely to pass out somewhere random than actually going to bed. Might explain some of his grouchiness. Maybe.

Day 5

OC Challenge Day 5 Yeah, got two days done in one day. 15 minute sketch. Still not as fast as I used to be, but getting back there. Will eventually so fancy finished stuff again. I finally quit smoking a year ago, which is good. But he’ll always be a smoker. Fictional characters don’t get lung cancer, lol.

Day 4

OC Challenge Day 4 Extra day 4 - Zorg!

Getting back on track. Cosplay day! Sly probably would have squished Navi a thousand times over. But really, who wouldn’t have?
Oh, and since I couldn’t decide which character… Here’s Zorg from the 5th Element. Because best movie!