Profile Shots

I keep forgetting to add these! Some quick head shots of my dudes and ladies. Found a really nice look for Kit that I adore. I also keep forgetting to mention that you can also find me on Tumblr! I’ve been posting pretty regularly there, and sometimes I remember to post here too, lol.

A bit of everything

Oh look! Three in one day! Not that I drew them all today. Just trying to make myself art in a more regular fashion. Did Hanzo just cause I wanted to draw purty hair ribbons. (The husband has turned me into Overwatch trash.) A crappy Sly just to make myself draw, and a palette study with Fenris to try and get my coloring style under some amount of control. Kinda liked doing the palette excersize, need to do it again!






Now for something not entirely different. Been replaying Okami, which my kid looooves. It’s a nice change to draw something non-human, and the watercolor style meshes nicely with my sketchiness. Also, a Junkrat I forgot to upload before, oops.


Overwatch - Solider 76 So I was attempting to do inktober/drawlloween this year. I got… two done so far. Goooo me! Too busy in real life, been hard to make time to draw and honestly haven’t even been much inspired by the challenge lists this year. It’s good to draw things you normally wouldn’t for sure. But in times of stress, draw what make you happy, especially if it gets you to draw! (And the Overwatch fandom definitely makes me happy right now lol.) So, there you go. 76 is my spirit animal right now. Old, grumpy and tired or your shit. XD;


Paul A friend was looking at my art and said “Do Me!” So yeah, I did you dude. This was fun. I don’t draw from life as often as I should, so it was a good exercise in breaking away from my typical comic facial structure, lighting, and such. I ended up spending longer on this than I did most the other things I’d been goofing off with, which is a good thing. I should draw my friends more often. Perhaps next I’ll try drawing David Bowie, as another friend in town is getting together a tribute art show in town. Annnnnd then maybe I’ll get back to my OC challenge…