I don’t know if you’ve gotten this ask but how close were the gaurdians to the Speaker?

That I have not! Stoom knew him best, though I can’t say if she was particularly close to him? Killy also knew him, but not well as he actually felt very awkward taking to him most of the time.

Gideon, Echo and Skitty never got the chance to meet, being rezzed after the Red War was over.


Yo, Echo-9 could step on me anyday tbb

You might need to wait in line or navigate through her army of revolutionists and lesbians, but she would be quite willing! 😈🤣

(oops, sorry for the delay on this one too!)


I have a sudden and ungodly need to see either Killy or Nika wearing a virgin killer sweater (or both *eye brow wiggle*)

At this point, I might be putting almost everyone in one, if I can squeeze it in between this comic and the prize drawings! 😈😈


Outside of patrols and strikes and saving the solar system where do the gaurdians like to go in their free time

If we’re talking about the Tower and not the full galaxy?

Killy can usually be found around the ramen shop if he’s feeling social, or squirreled away in his apartment with trashy TV or comics if not. Gideon spends a lot of time reading in the archives. Echo is all over the place, making friends with everyone who’ll talk to her or in the crucible. Stoom’s also likely to be found in crucible too, or chatting with Ikora but on the whole she tends to keep to herself. Skitty likes the hanger, looking for people to play soccer with or just watching all the ships come and go.

(Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner, I did get the other ask! Been a bit busy the past few days!)