I think Echo and Cas will get along just fine Killy would just walk home and catch them naked Cas has no problem being naked

If Killy finds them naked in his place there is going to be a very big problem and probably deaths. Go back to your own apartments! The only ones that should be naked in there are him and Stoom! XDD


Actually what would killy do? Punishment wise to Cas because he won’t give it up

A month of detention with Gideon! No patrols, missions, nada except for filing and organizing the archives while listening to him constantly lecture on history and lore! XD


If Cas had a nightmare or a bad memory and needed a hug would killy give him one ?

He’d roll this eyes a little at it, but yes. Hugs will be given. If he wants a bedtime story though, that’ll cost him. 🤣🤣