I’m not allowed to level Gideon anymore in order to keep him in his punk/metal aethestic. Also I’m apparently 12. XD

(I will have new art soon, lots of things to get done!) *_*


For Gideon and Echo. What would truly break you?

OOF. Hard one here!

Echo: Her worst fears revolve around the Deep Stone Crypt. She has absolutely zero desire to learn anything of her past, either pre-guardian, pre-exo or past reboots. The thought that she may have done terrible things in those many past existences is too much, and if she learned those fears were true that would be enough to break her. ๐Ÿ™

Gideon: He puts quite a lot of value in his team and any relationships heโ€™s built, so if he were ever to find himself in the unlikely scenario where he is the sole survivor from some sort of tragic event, the guilt would eat him alive at not being able to save them. Even if there was absolutely nothing he could have done to prevent it. D:

(There, now Iโ€™m sad, youโ€™re sad, everyone is sad!) XD