hey y’all for the first time in pretty much forever, i’m opening up for art commissions!
i’m settled in my new home (for the next couple months, at least), but
i’m still searching for a new job, and in the meantime, i gotta pay
those bills!

i’m keeping it fairly simple for the time being:
waist-up portraits of your OC, inked and flat-colored! Multiple OCs at
once, if you like! $30 for one portrait, +$20 per extra character in group portraits. i don’t do porn or extreme gore, but pretty much everything else is game! this is where the art lives, come get you one

i’ve currently got five slots
open! Once they’re filled i’ll close down for a while, and then we’ll
see how well things go, maybe i’ll open for more! if you can’t
commission me yourself that’s cool, just reblogging helps!

hey i’m broke as hell and could use a few bucks, if anybody’s interested in commissions now’s a good time!