After a bit of slacking, finished one side of the Allegiance quest, as well as the Xur bounty. No spoilers, though I think for the last bit before reporting back is 95% the same regardless of which side you choose.

And I do gotta say though… Very interesting developments. Need to process a little more on it. (But think I won’t need to change much of the comic outside of maybe the dialogue a bit!)

Hrrrrgn, I really want to read the “For every rose a thorn” lore now, buuut I haven’t actually unlocked it yet. I’m assuming you gain it as you work on Thorn which is going to take me a while. (I’m finally just now on the last part of getting Last Word, lol)


will the allegiance quest put a dent in your fire teams trust in one-another?

It’s … Certainly going to cause quite a lot of tension, though maybe not for the reasons you might think. XD; Sorry for being vague about this right now, but what I’ve got planned is going to be unexpected and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

How bad it’s going to effect the team kind depends on where this all ends up going in-game!


Who do the gaurdians side with and does it cause tension amongst them?

I will be a answering this soon in comic format, but gonna need some time to get it done! But hopefully within a week- until then, not saying, mwuhahahaaaa~! 😈

Oh Dear Traveler~!

It’s already here, quicker than I expected.

Uhh, I guess minor Joker’s Wild kinda-not really spoilers under the cut?

Time to pick a side between Vanguard and the Drifter and SOMEONE has to side with the Drifter. And I can’t decide WHO. The way I’ve written then all so ar, none of them would. Killy would be the most likely but wow, if the little tidbits  of other major spoiler-y stuff is true, wow would he regret it. (Which could make for some very interesting comics later.)

I might have to make one of the others take one for the team, arrrrrrrrgh. I need more time to decide dammit! XDD