For killy, whats your favourite place to go?

I think I answered this one before, but his favorite place is the Dreaming City! Largely because then he gets to spend more time or run missions with Pharri, but also so he can learn as much about where he came from as well. 🙂


Gideon, How do you unwind or comfort yourself?

He regularly does yoga and meditates to relax in his downtime or after missions! When something is really upsetting him though he prefers something requiring a lot of concentration to distract himself, like chess or a particularly difficult research subject. :3

(Gideon’s getting all the questions today!)


Hmmm. What was Gideon’s most embarrassing moment? And what’s his stance on the Elinski? ;p

LOL, answered the first for him already, so will just skip to the next!

He’s absolutely fascinated by them, especially with their history of being the first the Traveler chose. He finds it really disheartening that we’re constantly fighting them as he thinks that an alliance with them could be incredibly beneficial to both sides. He’s trying to learn their language, but hard to find many fallen willing to teach him. (He spends a lot of time grilling Spider and his underlings and almost got himself kicked off the shore for pestering them so much.) 😂


Hi!!! It’s ok if I ask for Killy, Echo and Gideon for this: most embarrasing moments?

Killy: the entirety of the first six months existing as a Guardian.

Echo: She does not comprehend this feeling and will proudly own up to every stupid thing she’s ever done.

Gideon: He’s not handing out that sort of blackmail material to anyone LOL!