Welcome Home: Part 3

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And it’s finished! Finally! Don’t worry, there will be more of Pharri
and Killy in the future. Thanks for following along and for the
patience! 😀

(Bonus fact because I’m evil: You may remember Killy
was revived during the Taken King events. Aka, a hair’s breath too late
to meet his former wife.) >>


Welcome Home, Part 2

Nihei’s just looking out for her guardian, she tries hard to keep him out of trouble, lol. Also Pharri may or may not have grilled Petra about everything she could learn about guardians before this moment. Also also, oops, there’s part 2 and I haven’t really told you anything beyond his name. Part 3 as soon as I can, thanks for the patience! 😀

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Welcome Home, Part 1 | Part 2

Most guardians seem to have been dead many centuries before they rezzed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the ones that probably exist that -haven’t- been dead all that long. That in those cases, it’d be highly probable that there would still be family or friends alive somewhere. (Especially considering how l o n g people live in Destiny!)  It’d be highly *improbable* that they’d ever actually meet, but my comic so I can be as self-indulgent as I want. :3

(I also like the idea that the facial markings signify some sort of familial relationship.)