My exo hunter (Aurae-9) simply refuses to talk, even if Cayde-6 or anyone in a higher rank tried to get him to. He’d simply make weird gestures with his hands. He’s not mute, but everyone would think so since he hasn’t spoken a word to anyone yet. His friends would laugh whenever he tried to explain something with his ‘sign language’. One time, he tried to warn his teammates about Xol. But they just laughed, and he finally yells, “There’s a huge FLIPPIN worm that’s gonna eat all our a****!!!”

(I love this!)

Uhhh, drawing a blank on something from my guardians right now, but Sly (my hacker from my cyberpunk/dystopian comic Schism) didn’t speak to anyone until he was nearly 8. He could, and learned sign language, but even then rarely used it. The only exception was his twin Sam, so He left it to his twin to say communicate for the both of them, or would whisper in his ear if he really needed his thoughts heard.

(Sly and Sam would totally be hunters if they were in the Destiny universe, lol.)