My exo havent been named yet. He’s been rebooted twice and is a silent type. Giving him a tough guy personality. However his personal life/ time off suggest otherwise. When he is not out in the field he spends most of his time strutting around his home in nothing but a pare of Pajama pants going threw old culture text of the golden age (Comic books) and he usually over analyzes them. (Geeks the fuck out over them.) and rambles about the to his ghost on these tall tales of old. 1 of 2.

Killy would like this dude. He actually has no idea what his real name is, as he couldn’t remember when he rezzed. He went through a number of nicknames and tried on few names for a while before deciding on Killy after he found some old, battered up manga he dug up on Earth. He loved the main character so much that he decided to name himself after him as inspiration.

(Bonus points to anyone who guesses which manga!)

I’ll do maybe one more tonight, and maybe more tomorrow if I’m alone in the office again! Love hearing about your guardians! 😀