BUT I MUST HAVE CAYDES CLOAK I MUST HAVE IT BEFORE RESET And I didn’t really like my warlock anyway but I will make him again the moment I have at least 2 of Caydes cloak

CHILL!! XD You’ve got at least 3 months to get it! It’s a season 5 Tess thing, and it will be there until season 6 starts which is probably end of February/early March? I promise you, it’ll be for sale for bright dust in the next couple weeks if you don’t get it from one of her engrams before then, so scrap any purple ships/shells/sparrows to save up for it and you’ll get it.

(also: being a hunter does not always garuntee hunter gear. She’s given my Hunter warlock and Titan gear before, lol. Also if you have forsaken, you won’t get Tess engrams until you hit level 50 with a new character anyway, so better off grinding them with one already level 50!)