A reply to the Deep Stone Crypt dreams, Azulas-0, as an Exo, had those dreams, but after surmising what he thinks is their purpose (He thinks they are meant as training for Exos to kill), he tried something new. Every time he had a DSC dream, he sat down where he started, and meditated. Even though he is killed in every dream doing this, every time he did it, the enemies lose a little more hostility. He’s gotten to the point where they’re peaceful now. He can just walk through now.

That is a really interesting approach to this! It’s pretty awesome that he was able to turn it around in his favor. 😀

This probably wouldn’t work for Echo though, one because meditation she considers a horrible torture, and two she’s not super-lucid during hers. Generally they set off a state of enough panic that it forces her awake before she gets anywhere near the tower. ><