My derpy gazelle’s Christmas Eve present is a split nail resulting in a foot bandage (resulting in hilariously forgetting how to walk for two hours) and a cone of shame until we can get him to a vet on Wednesday. He’s being a champ about it so far, though he did nearly chomp my hand pretty good getting the bandage on. (Totally forgiveable, it HURTS.) T___T


“Houdini escape artist dog” is the best description for a dog i ever read

This is Lucy. She’s a digger extraordinaire, rips planks off the wood privacy fence, tears through chicken wire and finds weak points in chain link quicker than a Velociraptor in hot pursuit of it’s next meal.  Her main method of survival involves always looking as pathetic as possible at all times so that she can get away with with murder and/or ignoring basic commands.

I love this girl to death, but she’s going to give me a heart attack one day. Thank god our 70lb boy never tries to escape. Though he sure as shit doesn’t alert us when she does, so he’s a guilty accomplice.


Five years later and I finally captured this goonhound’s full howl. Only for fire trucks. YouTube recordings do not work. Howling yourself does not work. I would give my left kidney to get him to do this on command!

Edit: replaying this video will make him howl. Sometimes!