Day 5

OC Challenge Day 5 Yeah, got two days done in one day. 15 minute sketch. Still not as fast as I used to be, but getting back there. Will eventually so fancy finished stuff again. I finally quit smoking a year ago, which is good. But he’ll always be a smoker. Fictional characters don’t get lung cancer, lol.

Day 4

OC Challenge Day 4 Extra day 4 - Zorg!

Getting back on track. Cosplay day! Sly probably would have squished Navi a thousand times over. But really, who wouldn’t have?
Oh, and since I couldn’t decide which character… Here’s Zorg from the 5th Element. Because best movie!

Oh hay, Null!

IMG_20151124_143123 IMG_20151124_143056

Friend of mine just got her first bjd, so she came over for a visit. Which of course meant Null finally got dusted off. A duct tape dress form has been made so soon I can make some pretty clothes for her. Been i while since I’ve done that too!

Day 3 (with color!)

OC Challenge - Day 3 Color portrait. I’m becoming rather fond of the “ink as you go” style while doing colored stuff. Used to drive myself crazy trying to get my inks perfect, and then would end up letting half the sketch lines show through anyway because I liked the texture and grittiness of it. Hell… half the ‘inking’ does itself in the coloring process, so woo. Lot of time saved with the same end result I wanted.