Some one just hug these stupid adorably dorky twins already. Do it before I do it. Samlookswarm.


Disclaimer: Proceed with caution when attempting to hug Sly. Following the below steps is greatly recommended.

1: Approach slowly with arms at side.
Avoid direct eye contact for best results.

2: Calmly ask permission for hugs. A verbal response may not be given.

3: Open arms. If subject does not turn and immediately leave the vicinity, you should be cleared to proceed.

4: Do not expect hugs back, just appreciate being allowed in his personal space.

(oh my god, nonner, (multiple nonners? Idk) you are spoiling me and my boys with these asks and I love you for it! And there’s one I skipped and will get to it too, but this one was quicker to do and adulting needs to happen sometime today!) XD