How To: See All Your Published Posts That Got Flagged


Hi Tumblr, I’m back with another script after last night. This time it comes with actual instructions 😛 I recorded a demo video of the script running. It’s available here:

For those familiar with Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey, this is a known process. If not, follow these steps:

1. Install the tampermonkey browser extension via the official site.
2. Click the toolbar button, press Dashboard.
3. From the Dashboard, press the plus sign in the horizontal toolbar.
4. Replace all text in the editor with the code of the script, available here:
5. Click File -> Save. The script should now enable itself.
6. Close the tab with the editor.
7. Open a new tab with the Tumblr dashboard: and wait until the script is fully loaded and the black-with-white box is displayed.
8. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Since this script will now run every time you open the tumblr dashboard, disable it again after usage: With the dashboard open, click the toolbar button for Tampermonkey. Now click the switch to disable the “tumblr score checker 2.0” again.

As for those wondering about “what am I going to run on my tumblr, is it even save?”, if you would like to feel free to check the code, but what it does is get the so called “form key” from the page (tumblr uses it internally to communicate between pages, e.g. xkit uses it too). Next, this form key is used in combination with the part of the server that loads blogs in the sidebar view. The loading code returned by the server has information about whether or not posts are flagged, and a lot of extra information.

Also feel free to spread this script around 🙂

Some screenshots for additional guidance are placed below


Reblogging for anyone else who would like an easy way to check their blog. It’s v. handy.